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Independent Student Newspaper of UW Oshkosh Campuses

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Republicans gain control in WI

Republican Ron Johnson defeated Democratic opponent Russ Feingold in the race for one of Wisconsin’s Senate spots in Congress.

Johnson won by three percent of the vote in Tuesday’s election, which translates to about 100,000 votes.

UW Oshkosh senior John Christian said he is curious to see how the government is going to be run now that the Republicans have more control of the state.

“It will be interesting to see how it goes being more unbalanced now,” Christian said. “I mean because it’s basically all red now.”

UWO student Mark Krippner said he does not know much about Johnson’s political policies, but thinks a Republican-controlled Congress is going to change things.

“I feel like with the Republican-controlled legislature, it’s probably going to be going against a lot of what happened in the Obama administration,” Krippner said.

“Specifically healthcare too, and things like marriage equality.”

UWO student Isaac Mazanka said Wisconsin voting Republican for the first time since 1984 proves America wants something different.

“They had Obama for eight years and it didn’t work,” Mazanka said. “So that’s why it’s all Republican because Democratically it didn’t work.”

Christian said he is excited to see how Trump fares as president.

“I’m just mainly excited to see if Trump is going to follow through on any of the things he has promised,” Christian said. “I think it will be an easier path for him to make changes that he wants to make.”

Krippner said he is worried about having a Republican as president, paired with a Republican majority in Congress.

“I feel like it’s going to be setting back a lot of progressive legislation that might have been going through had the tables been turned,” Krippner said.

Krippner said Obamacare is likely going to repealed.

“It’s probably going to happen,” Krippner said. “Or at least be drastically changed.

Mazanka said the government should be able to get more done with a Republican White House and Congress, unlike Obama’s administration which was part-Democrat and part-Republican.

“Now that it’s Republican across the board, I mean there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to get stuff done in this country,” Mazanka said. “We have the tools now to go and actually do things instead of constantly butting heads with one another because we’re in different parties.”

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