OSA rejects claim of anti-LGBTQ statement during campus election

Laura Dickinson

Oshkosh Student Association Commissioner Daniel Dennis rejected allegations OSA Presidential Candidate Aaron Wojciechowski reported about anti-LGBTQ comments directed towards him that were made from the Colligan/Carter campaign, due to no evidence.

OSA Presidential Candidate Brandon Colligan said the allegations made against him and his running mate, OSA Vice Presidential Candidate Byran Carter, are not true claims.

“There is no good evidence that these statements were made,” Colligan said. “My campaign has made it quite clear that we support the LGBTQ community. Bryan would not make a comment like that quite simply. This was a hearsay argument, and it also didn’t happen.”

Wojciechowski said he understands where the OSA Election Commissioner Daniel Dennis was coming from.

“It’s definitely disappointing that the item was not at least discussed [at the hearing], but I do respect the judgements of the Election Commissioner even If I don’t fully agree,” Wojciechowski said. “Just because it wasn’t accepted doesn’t make it any less true.”