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Kappa Alpha Psi members discuss fraternity history

Members of the Delta Kappa chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity discussed the past of the historically black fraternity and how their chapter engages with the community during their Talking With the Kappas event.

Delta Kappa member Kenneth Webber said the UW Oshkosh chapter of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity was just recognized last spring.

“We know that on this campus we are pretty new,” Webber said. “We just want people to know what we are about and that this is a starting point for us.”

Webber said Kappa Alpha Psi is part of nationwide fraternity that has a history of being part of the Divine Nine Historical African-American Fraternities and Sororities.

“Kappa Alpha Psi was founded in 1911 on the campus of Indiana State University,” Webber said. “My fraternity stands for our motto, which is achievement in every human endeavor, and we have a list of alumni that have achieved their endeavors in life. It is just such a great organization to be a part of.”

Chapter member Jordan Thorton said the Kappas are looking for members to join their fraternity.

“We are looking for the best-quality people, we want people with the skill set that will come in and benefit the fraternity and also benefit at a local level,” Thorton said. “You may see other fraternities and sororities bringing in hundreds of people at one time just to get numbers up, and that is not what we are about as a chapter.”

Chapter member Xavier Beckley said although the group is still new on the UWO campus, they partner up with different chapters in Wisconsin.

“We aren’t established yet on this campus yet, but we have a close relationship with the chapter in Milwaukee, and we do a lot of events with Milwaukee,” Beckley said
Thorton said they are looking to recruit people who are committed to their organization for the long run and not for just a short period of time.

“You may see fraternities around campus having people only be part of that fraternity for a week and then the next week they are not,” Thorton said. “With our fraternity, we want to make sure we are bringing people who are truly committed, especially in their college years, but even after college with maybe joining an alumni chapter.”

Beckley said he has experienced so much by joining the fraternity and that all the members have each others backs.

“We haven’t just joined this fraternity to party; like we said, our motto is achievement in every human endeavor, so when you join this fraternity we are going to make sure that you are doing good,” Beckley said.

While the fraternity might be brand new at UWO, there is a nationwide network of individuals to help members out, Thorton said.

“It’s not just here, but it’s nationwide.” Thorton said. “No matter where you go there are people there looking out for you and you don’t ever have to worry.”

Webber said the best part about the Kappas has been the relationships he has formed with his fellow fraternity brothers and hopes to have others join too.

“Once I entered the bond, it was like everyone is trying to better me,” Webber said. “It’s more than just a bond, it is real brotherhood.”

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