Student apartments to be built

Ti Windisch

A new student housing complex will be built on Marion Road and is expected to be open for students to move in starting fall 2018.

The plan for Annex Student Living to construct the building was approved by the Oshkosh Common Council on April 25 and is not associated with UW Oshkosh. Construction will begin in the summer.

Joy Skidmore, a representative of Annex, said the company strives to make attending college better for everyone involved.

“It’s our mission to provide memorable college experiences through unique housing opportunities that serve as a catalyst for economic development and community enhancement,” Skidmore said.

Skidmore said Annex’s goal is to make their facilities beneficial both for students and the surrounding community.

“We take pride in creating environments that promote resident life and community belonging,” Skidmore said.

Oshkosh Common Council Member Debra Allison-Aasby said the council approved the plan after it went through the usual process for projects in Oshkosh.

“They have all the renderings, and they worked with staff, and then it went to plan commission, and plan commission recommended it for approval,” Allison-Aasby said. “Then they came to us. It’s pretty cool.”

One concern the council brought up was the location of the development, which will be across the street from a senior living complex. Allison-Aasby said the particular senior living environment there is made up of younger people than others she knows about.

“It’s 55 and older,” Allison-Aasby said. “Pretty much anybody in their 50s are still pretty fun. For me, it’s not a huge concern.”

Allison-Aasby said it would be up to staff on site to ensure the student housing didn’t get too rowdy for the area.

“I’m going to assume that the property manager is going to ensure the college kids aren’t going to be throwing beer cans and pizza boxes,” Allison-Aasby said.