Top 8 Joey moments from ‘Full House’

Alex Nemec

Dave Couiler was the Homecoming comedian who performed in Albee Hall on Wednesday. To celebrate his appearance on campus here are the top Joey moments from “Full House,” the hit show he starred in.

Kitten Krispies
Joey and Jesse are in a meeting for a new cat snack called Kitten Krispies. The room is packed with representatives for the product and their faces are as cold as stone. They start their jingle and Joey interjects with his cat puppet and voice. The look on Jesse’s face is that of pure discomfort and Joey just keeps going. Halfway through the song, Joey opens his briefcase and three mini cats pop out. Jesse slams it closed and Joey starts walking around the room rubbing the executives heads with the puppet and Jesse is following him trying to fix their hair. This scene explains Joey’s character really well. He is a young-at-heart comedian who lives for making Jesse uncomfortable, and that’s why this scene is so great.

Joey listening to a cassette
Joey is in Danny’s kitchen listening to a de-stress cassette tape when a cement truck’s spout comes unhinged and lands in the Tanner kitchen. Joey cannot be bothered. He is in his own element when Danny and Jesse walk in. They start freaking out and try to get the cement out of the kitchen. Danny and Jesse argue about which receptacle to use to get the cement out as it continues to pour onto the ground. Danny insists none of the fine china be used and they end up using a drawer. Joey doesn’t say anything in this scene, but his calmness and not caring about his surroundings are hilarious compared to the typically excited Joey.

Flounder Tarts
Joey is trying his hand at baking, and he says he knows two things for sure: people love danishes and people love fish. So, naturally, he makes flounder tarts. Stephanie says “no” with a disgusted look. Jesse comes in a little later and instinctively grabs a snack, a flounder tart. Jesse takes a bite and his face looks like he just took a spoonful of fish paste. Jesse ends up spitting the remnants back into Joey’s frog oven mitt. Jesse then tries to teach his two boys about forgiveness and he does so by smashing two flounder tarts in Joey’s shirt pocket. His example is that if he did this to Joey, Joey would forgive him cause they’re friends. Joey then pays back the favor by rubbing fish goo over Jesse’s face. Jesse then returns the favor back to Joey by pouring the remaining fish goo down Joey’s shirt. Then Joey loses it, and it is one of the few times Joey gets extremely angry in a situation. It isn’t just his character, but the entire scene is great combined with the reactions of the boys, Michelle and Becky.

A staple of Joey’s character is all the voices he can imitate. Just to name some of the classics, he has Kermit, Peewee Hermann, Bill Cosby, Bullwinkle, Pepé Le Pew and even baby Michelle’s voice. That’s just the beginning; Joey does a plethora of voices. It helps with his character that he can do these voices. He has the soft voice in the house and helps the girls out a lot with his goofiness. The most memorable thing about Joey may be his voices.

Feeding Jesse
Speaking of being essentially clueless, Joey and Jesse, for the life of them, cannot figure out how to feed Michelle. They are trying to feed her baby food, and she is having none of it. They tried coming from the bottom. They tried playing with it. They even tried the surefire tactic of the airplane spoon and even that didn’t work. To try and trick her, he tries the airplane spoon again, but instead of going into her mouth, Joey sticks it right in Jesse’s mouth. His face is the exact face you’d expect someone to make eating baby food. Just pure disgust as he has to choke down this mush disguised as baby food. This is one of Joey’s finest moments, since it happened so fast and suddenly that Jesse had no idea what to do. This scene is the peak of Joey’s character.

Changing Michelle
Joey and Jesse are staying at Danny’s house to help him with the girls. This includes changing baby Michelle. Joey and Jesse carry Michelle by her hands and feet downstairs to the kitchen. They both have no idea how to attack this full diaper. So the best logical conclusion is to put her in the roast pot. They sit up Michelle, undo the diaper and grab it with tongs. When they get the raunchy diaper off her, they have no idea how to clean her. Again, the most logical decision is to spray her off with the kitchen hose. Poor Michelle must’ve been shocked to have water that cold sprayed on her butt. This is a classic Joey situation as the pair of them don’t have many experiences with children and are essentially clueless.

Joey finds a rat
Jesse and Joey are in a new bar that Jesse wants to buy, awaiting the arrival of a loan officer. As they are waiting, they pick up trash around the place. They pick up the garbage can and apparently there wasn’t a bottom because it all fell out. There is trash everywhere and the walls are covered in black paint with streaks of neon spray paint that aren’t orderly whatsoever. Jesse asks Joey to clean up behind the bar and to look for something else to clean up the trash with. He looks around the bar and finds some junk stuff and then sees a rat and puts his head right through the bottom of the bar top. There squats Joey with his head stuck and a bucket over his head after Jesse put it there to hide him from the banker. Jesse and Joey then try to appease the banker with a skit as to how they will advertise their bar. Joey getting his head stuck because of a rat that turned out to be a dirty bar rag is classic because Joey is being a coward when it comes to stuff like that.

Danny scares Joey
This one isn’t necessarily a skit, but explains a main purpose of Joey in the show. Jesse is ushering his band out from the basement. As he leads them out, DJ is washing dishes and runs outside to kiss one of the band members. Danny walks into the kitchen and sees DJ kissing this guy through the bay window. As she comes back in, Danny hides behind the kitchen island. She leaves the kitchen and in comes Joey from upstairs into the kitchen and Danny scares the bejeezus out of Joey. Joey compliments Danny on the good prank and they make light of the situation. Joey’s purpose in that scene is purely comedic relief, which is what he is best at. He is always there to lighten the mood in the sitcom.