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RTF prepares for 60th anniversary

Courtesy of UWO Flickr Radio/TV/film professor and Titan TV General Manager Justine Stokes teaches a class in the Arts & Communications building

Justine Stokes, Titan TV’s general manager and radio/ TV/film department professor, reflected on the department’s evolution and lasting impact on students and alumni as she prepares for the RTF department and Titan TV’s anniversaries this month.

“It’s amazing the impact that 60 years of this program and 50 years of the station have had on our incredible alumni,” Stokes said.

Stokes, who also helped with the 50th anniversary celebration of the RTF department in 2014, highlighted her pivotal role in organizing the upcoming Titan TV anniversary, which commemorates the station’s founding year, 1974.

The Titan TV anniversary event will be held later this month and the RTF department anniversary will be celebrated this fall during UWO’s Homecoming week.

The UW Oshkosh’s RTF department has evolved over the past 50 years in numerous ways, including technological advancements like the transition to high-definition broadcasting in 2015.

Students who graduate from the program make lasting connections with professors and students. Everyone supports each other to be successful in their careers.

Stokes highlighted the evolution of the department and the station, emphasizing the student-driven nature of Titan TV and its role in providing handson experience for students. “When you turn on the radio or turn on your TV someone from this program touched it in some way,” Stokes said. “It’s amazing what 60 years of this program and 50 years of the station has done to our incredible alumni we’ve sent out in the world,” Stokes said.

Veda Kistenmacher, Titan TV station manager, has been helping with the preparations for the upcoming anniversary event that feature activities such as archiving old TV shows, producing a live anniversary special and launching a social media campaign to engage alumni and the community. “I’ve played a major role in creating advertising materials, [campaigning on] social media and refreshing numerous old Titan TV logos over the years,” Kistenmacher said.

The anniversary event marks significant milestones, including the 60th anniversary of the department and the 50th anniversary of Titan TV. “These anniversaries are incredibly important to the RTF community,” Kistenmacher said. “They play a major role in bringing everyone together to share their experiences in the program and observe how it has developed and grown stronger over the years.”

The anniversary of both events aims to convey a significant message to current students, alumni and the community.

“Anybody who’s spent time in the department, and specifically at the station, is a part of something bigger than themselves,” Stokes said.

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