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Concealed carry offers student an opportunity to protect themselves

February 18, 2016

A 2015 CNN poll asked if people carrying guns in public places make those places safer. 35 percent of responders believed allowing gun owners to carry their weapons would result in higer levels of safety....

Civic engagement must start locally

February 18, 2016

Voting is everything in America. It’s the foundation of our democracy and, for most people, the pinnacle of civic involvement. Presidential election years are unique because they have a way of igniting...

Aunt Flows salary paid in blood money

February 11, 2016

Students should rally against the pink tax on products and services like haircuts but also basic necessities like tampons. We already pay enough for tuition and those menstruating shouldn’t have to pay...

Flint crisis sheds light on infrastructure

February 11, 2016

The relationship between a government and its people has been and always will be complicated. Especially in the United States where a two-party system splits public opinion on nearly every issue. Politicians...

A bucket list for your UWO career

December 10, 2015

1. Wear sweatpants all day in public 2. Take a Titan Day 3. Park illegally in school lots 4. Take the elevator to the second floor of Sage 5. Pretend you aren’t gasping for air after walking up to the...

Graduation anxiety is OK

December 2, 2015

In mid-December, a new wave of UW Oshkosh graduates will embark on their adulthood journeys. Some consider this an exciting step toward bright futures, while others see it as stepping into a black abyss...

Interim offers flexibility for a busy schedule

December 2, 2015

As the semester winds down and students prepare for finals, others are gearing up for interim courses with the potential to expedite graduation, but interim may also be overwhelming and ineffective. Winter...

Refugees deserve safe haven

November 18, 2015

Governor Scott Walker said he will not support the settling of Syrian refugees in Wisconsin, adhering to the sentiments of about half of the governors in the country, most of whom are Republican. His announcement...

Net neutrality vital to keeping the Internet free

November 18, 2015

Every day millions of people log on to the Internet. Among these millions are college students who access the Internet in order to complete assignments or just to take a break from their academics. Net...

Don’t fish for clickbait

November 11, 2015

[media-credit id=135 align="alignleft" width="300"][/media-credit] The things students choose to pay attention to can alter their perceptions and potentially change the way they live their lives. Because...

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