ByeGosh Fest closes out school year

Abby Vandermolen

ByeGosh Fest is taking place Thursday, May 7 in Kolf Lot 13. The event starts at 3:30 p.m. ByeGosh Fest will feature live music and activities to celebrate the end of the semester. The A-T got in touch with Jessy Fedie, junior at UWO and Concerts and Comedy Chairwoman of Reeve Memorial Union Board, and Stacy Bartel, senior and Special Event Chair of Reeve Memorial Union Board, the head organizers of event, ByeGosh Fest to talk about the event. A-T: What got you involved in this committee? Fedie: I just really wanted to be more involved, and I had gone to RUB events and thought that the organization put on really cool events, and I knew I had to be a part of it. Bartel: I was a transfer student and RUB was a great way to get involved and meet new people. A-T: What is your favorite part of campus and going to UWO? Fedie: I love that there is always something to do; from all of the student organizations to the many events that happen on campus, it’s pretty hard to be bored! Bartel: My favorite part about going to UWO is that there are so many different ways to get involved on campus. A-T: What is all offered at ByeGosh Fest? Bartel: Dylan Finley, Bryce Vine and Timeflies will be performing. There will also be sno-cones, popcorn, cotton candy, face painting, balloon artist, make your own flip books, tie dye, caricatures, and inflatables. A-T: What makes ByeGosh Fest so great? Bartel: It’s a celebration of the end of the year and there is so much going on and so many different activities. It’s a great time to come with your friends to hang out and have a good time before the end of the semester. A-T: What is the process for booking entertainment like? Bartel: In November/December, Reeve Union Board Concerts and Comedy Committee reviews a variety of talent in our price range and from a variety of genres and selects 10-15 artists to appear on a ballot for the campus to vote on. After the campus votes, Reeve Union Board selects a few artists based on the vote, availability, and current price (prices in the entertainment industry can fluctuate a lot). From January through March Reeve Union Board works with a middle agent to submit an offer to an artist, negotiate a contract, and execute the contract. In March/April, Reeve Union Board is able to announce to campus the artist who was selected to perform after the contract has been fully executed. A-T: How long has ByeGosh Fest gone on and are there any major changes this year as opposed to last year? Bartel: There are no major changes. We always like to mix up what kind of activities are available for students to participate in so we always choose new inflatables or novelty performers. A-T: What do you hope people take away from the event? Bartel: We hope that they have a great time and celebrate the end of the semester right before finals.