Dylan Finley is a positive role model for music majors

Kellie Wambold

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UW Oshkosh singer and rapper Dylan Finley has found a way to balance participating in student organizations, recording music and being a positive role model for other students. Music industry major Finley is working on building his résumé during his third year at UWO. Finley is part of Students for Music whose goal is to enrich the experience college students have with music. Finley said he wants the Students for Music’s event, the Chamber Art Series, to reach as many students as possible. “We’re figuring out ways that we can promote ourselves and diversify our lineups in ways that will bring in a wider audience and encompass more genres of music, but we’ve got a great lineup of musicians this year to focus on as well,” Finley said. Along with student organizations, Finley is taking part in the music group Full EFFeKK. The group’s founder, Mario Johnson, said the group’s goal is to connect potential leaders and impact the world with music. “Full EFFeKK is a movement that allows like-minded individuals to join forces and expand their visions through growth, unity, ambition and loyalty,” Johnson said. “Members of Full EFFeKK utilize music as a main outlet to express their lifestyle.” Johnson said Finley’s attitude is a perfect fit for Full EFFeKK. “He has the best attitude as a person,” Johnson said. “So with that attitude he carries, he makes positive music. His mood is good the majority of the time, so his music is a reflection of him. His passion is deep for the world of music.” Finley, who released his album “The Unknown King” last year, has another project he wants to work on. “I’d like to devote time into re-recording some music that I wrote before I was ever a fan of rap music,” Finley said. “This music is more along the lines of Elton John, Guns N’ Roses and Coldplay, and there’s no rap whatsoever.” Finley said he pulls inspiration for his music from a number of different places, and the places often changed if music or lyrics came first. “At the end of the day, I just accumulate a lot of individual ideas, and it’s simply a matter of making the pieces fit together in ways that make a great song,” Finley said. Finley said he wants his music to shed a light on what’s happening in the world. “The best music isn’t just a reflection of the artist that creates it, but also the culture in which they reside,” Finley said. Before he works on his next album, though, Finley said he is helping other people record their work. Finley met fellow EFFeKK member Noell Kaylene last year and approached her with the offer to help record her music. “She came to me with a great batch of songs, and I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to help her out since this will be her first music release,” Finley said. Kaylene said he was incredible to work with and was always patient with her. “I wouldn’t be able to sing what I was hearing, but then I would explain it to him, and he was able to find the sound,” Kaylene said. Kaylene said Finley was always focused on what she wanted her music to sound like. “He wanted what was best for the song and wanted my vision to come to life,” Kaylene said. Full EFFeKK member Cullen Sampson said Finley’s wide range of musical talent, vocals, writing and multiple instruments is especially helpful. “Dylan’s natural uniqueness and individuality sets him apart from other musicians, but also his vast musical talent,” Sampson said. Sampson said Finley does a lot more than teach others about music. “He has also helped me continue to be comfortable being myself and letting my individuality shine through my music,” Sampson said. Junior Gabriele Hass said Finley is teaching her important facets of the recording industry. “He’s taught me a lot about both music business and perseverance, how to make and market an album and what kind of person it takes to go through the whole process alone,” Hass said. Along with being a great teacher, Hass said Finley isn’t afraid to surprise people. “He’s a classically trained singer who was in an opera and released a rap album,” Hass said. Hass said Finley is also great to have around. “He’s always upbeat and ready to try new things,” Hass said. Finley said he’s gained just as much from UWO as others say he’s given. “I have a lot of people in my corner ready to help me better myself not only as an artist, but as a person,” Finley said. “I’m loving life here right now, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”