Students gain broadcast experience at Titan TV

Kyle Larscheid

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Titan TV gives UW Oshkosh students the resources to use state-of-the-art broadcast technology and receive hands-on experience in fields such as news, sports and original creative ideas. While many students involved are part of the radio-TV-film major, Titan TV welcomes all students interested in learning about broadcast television. Titan TV’s station manager, Adam Steinbach, said he first got involved with the station as a freshman. As station manager, he said he makes sure student productions and station operations are running smoothly. Steinbach said Titan TV is an experience for anyone interested in television broadcasting, and members will get on-the-job training with professional technology. “One of the most fun opportunities I’ve had with Titan TV was covering the Radio-TV-Film 50th Anniversary,” Steinbach said. “I was able to film keynote speakers and talk with UW Oshkosh alumni.” Reegan Wallander, operations manager at Titan TV, said she attended a Titan TV meeting during her first semester at Oshkosh, and the rest was history. As operations manager, Wallander works closely with producers and the shows in progress. She said she helps pinpoint issues that arise to make sure production runs smoothly. “I’ve had many memorable experiences with Titan TV because I’ve been so involved, but if I had to choose just one, I’d say it was ‘Osh the Record,’ a special live broadcast I created from start to finish and also hosted,” Wallander said. “I’d been involved with other people’s shows, but this was the first time I got to see my own idea develop and come to life.” WFRV, a news station out of Green Bay, donated old equipment to Titan TV recently, and according to Wallander the equipment will benefit live broadcasts. Wallander said receiving the new equipment helped make it possible for Titan TV to build a new set in the studio to enhance the quality of news production. “We received two news desks and a backdrop from WFRV, a news station in Green Bay,” Wallander said. “They were upgrading their own studios and we helped take their old stuff off their hands. We decided to build an entire new set in our studios to upgrade our news production.” Wallander said the members of Titan TV spent many hours over the summer planning and building the new set. “It was a lot of work but the payoff is worth it because it’s a beautiful set,” Wallander said. “It’s a new luxury to Titan TV and something that many college campuses don’t have.” Anthony Bruno, anchor, reporter and producer at Titan TV news, transferred to Oshkosh in the spring of 2013 with the goal of becoming a broadcast journalist. Bruno also said he is happy WFRV recognizes the talent Titan TV produces and was willing to donate its old equipment to help make the news show look better. “This new set is much more intricate than our old set, and I feel that this new setup will give students a more real-world look and experience of what life will be like working in a real broadcast studio when they leave UW Oshkosh,” Bruno said. Previous Oshkosh students built the old Titan TV news set many years ago. Bruno said that the old set was basic and the new set will help execute better shots and formatting to give the shows more variety. In just a few months Bruno said he was able to make huge strides toward his goal, and he thanks Titan TV for helping make his dream come true. “I have worked with many alum in the past, and they have told me time and time again that working with Titan TV news was one of the best decisions they have ever made,” Bruno said. Titan TV is featured on Time Warner Cable channel 97.57 and viewers can connect with Titan TV via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo.