Reeve Union Board continues ugly sweater tradition on campus

Tyler Cox

Reeve Union Board will hold its second annual Ugly Sweater Party where UW Oshkosh students can show off their holiday-themed sweaters tonight at 7 p.m. in Titan Underground. Jessica Fedie of RUB said the ugly sweater tradition is something she hopes will continue on campus because it’s a tradition many people know about and can have fun participating in. “Reeve Union Board is continuing the ugly sweater tradition because it’s a really fun way to bring everyone together and get excited about the holidays,” Fedie said. “This is only the second year we’ve been doing the Ugly Sweater Party event, and hopefully, it will become a tradition for years to come.” Many students have stories associated with holiday sweaters, ranging from a simple “I saw this sweater and liked it,” to winning a contest for the most ugly sweater. UWO student Sean Cara said he bought his ugly sweater to get into the holiday spirit. “I saw this sweater on Amazon,” Cara said. “I thought I should get it and have something for the holiday season.” Student Miranda McGuire said she won a competition in high school for having the ugliest sweater. “[The sweater] was this cream-colored glob with green and orange blobs, and it basically looked like it walked out of this 70s thrift store,” McGuire said. McGuire said one reason winter is great is because it’s OK to wear wintery clothes and look like a blob. “I think the reason that everyone loves ugly sweaters is because it’s so different than today’s expectations of clothing,” McGuire said. “[Nowadays] it is acceptable to look like a frumpy bum. Actually, it is more than acceptable. It is down right cool.” McGuire said even though she thought the sweater was itchy and gross, she was sad to get rid of it because of the joy it brought her and the people who saw it. “Strangely, people feel like they can be anything in an ugly sweater, Christmas or not,” McGuire said. “It is something that is fun and sparks adventure, even if it is just a trip to get a white mocha.” Fedie said students who attend the Ugly Sweater Party can enjoy a build-your-own hot chocolate bar and also have a chance to win a UWO ugly sweater.