Students get a Taste of Oshkosh

Michael Semmerl

UW Oshkosh students had an opportunity to meet and connect with all of the student clubs and organizations at Taste of Oshkosh, located in the ballroom of Reeve Memorial Union on Feb. 3. “It seemed like it didn’t have a huge turnout,” Caitlin Cobb, Reeve Union Board member and Spanish major said. According to Cobb, the weather most likely affected how many students were in attendance at the event. “I didn’t even want to go out in the snow,” Cobb said. Despite the low turnout, tables that offered free items and the pizza were a huge hit among students Cobb said. According to various students who attended the event, Taste of Oshkosh helped them broaden their knowledge about campus involvement opportunities. Several students also said the weather had a negative impact on the event’s turnout, that the below freezing temperatures, high winds and snowfall may have contributed. Some clubs at the event also said there were a significantly less number of students attending this event compared to Taste of Oshkosh in the fall semester. “It is a good place to go out and network,” Richelle Kasten, vice president of public relations of Reeve Union Board said. “You can meet a whole bunch of different people.” According to Kasten, Taste of Oshkosh is where students go to get a little bit of everything, much like a buffet. “You can just meet a whole bunch of different people, [a] bunch of different students, advisors; and that can really get you in [at] a lot of different places, even if you don’t join those clubs, you can still be in contact with them and ask questions, and [attain] a general knowledge,” Kasten said. Various students attending Taste of Oshkosh said they were interested in résumé building. Kasten attended the event last week and when she was a freshman.   Margaret Cobb, Reeve Union Board member and criminal justice and Spanish double major, said Taste of Oshkosh is a place where students can go to learn more about what campus has to offer in terms of extracurricular activities. “It has brought me into new orgs that would help me to establish networking,” Margaret said. “[This] is essential for basically anything on campus, so it helps me to get more connected with [the student body.]” Kasten said with so much to offer, Taste of Oshkosh provides many ways for students to become involved on campus and develop a professional network for their futures careers after college. “You can just pick and choose what you want to try, and then you don’t have to be committed,” Kasten said. Kasten said just being connected with the students and advisers of different clubs and organizations on campus can provide students with many opportunities throughout their college careers.