Peeping Tom Sets Off Alert

Ti Windisch

A man was caught looking through a bathroom window from a ladder on Tuesday night at around 10:30 p.m. near 500 Scott St.
A Titan Alert sent out about the incident on Wednesday morning said a female resident of the house in question caught the man red-handed, after which he fled the scene.
“The suspect did not say anything and left the area after he saw her outside,” the report stated. “He was last seen walking to the north from Scott Ave.”
According to the report, the suspect is a “white male with a round face and a goatee.”
According to Oshkosh Police Department Lieutenant Kevin Conrad, there is no new information about the suspect as of Wednesday afternoon.
“He has not been identified as of this time,” Konrad said.
Konrad said this was an isolated incident, with no recent precedence.
“This is the first incident of this nature reported to the Oshkosh Police Department in recent months,” Konrad said.
The Oshkosh Police Department is currently investigating and encourages anyone who has information on the suspect or incident to contact them.
The University police encourages students to take precautions on and off campus. A safewalk program is available. Contact UPD for safewalk information.