Open mic night showcases student talent

Allison Prusha

UW Oshkosh had their second open mic night of the year on Monday evening in Titan Underground.
There were several students that showcased their musical talent, but their styles varied greatly.
One of the first opening acts consisted of UWO student Rachel Ryan covering Taylor Swift’s “The Best Day” while playing the ukulele. Another girl covered Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide”.
While a few of the participants stuck to the song covers, there were number of singer/songwriters as well.
The evening had an acoustic/folksy sound in the beginning, but the students soon branched out into different styles of music.
One of these styles included beat-boxing by Cullen Sampson.
He looped multiple vocals and create a mash up.
The beat-boxing then transitioned into rap by a number of students, including Keegan Cronin.
As the participants began to get comfortable with crowd, many returned to the stage for a second time to sing more songs, whether new-comers or veterans of the event.
“The best thing about open mic night was seeing everyone take a chance at something new and possibly scary and totally rocking it!” Senior Cheyenne Perzentka, a first time attendee of open mic night, said.
Some of the participants admitted to being nervous when introducing themselves, but all finished their sets to applause of the audience.
The event was well-attended by students; nearly all seating in Titan Underground was taken.
If anyone is interested in seeing the next open mic night, it takes place on Monday nights at 7 p.m. in Titan Underground. And anyone can sign up to perform.