RUB Hosting Disney Craft Night

Allison Prusha

Reeve Union Board hosts a Disney-themed crafty adventures event in the Reeve Ballroom on Thursday, Sept. 29.

It will be a Disney-themed night with Disney karaoke, creating original Mickey ears and more.

Senior Abby Boville said she expects a lot of people to attend the event due to its popular theme.

“College kids love watching old movies from their childhood and I feel like they would enjoy crafts from that theme too,” Boville said.

Reeve Union Board member, Samantha Law-Gotich came up with the idea and will be running the event on Thursday.

“It took me about a week to come up with the idea and about a week to come up with the event,” Law-Gotich said.

While a few theme ideas were thrown around, the Disney theme generated the most excitement.
Law-Gotich said she the Disney theme because she thought no one is too old for Disney and knows that many people love something pertaining to Disney.

“It’s a fun event that will allow the kid in everyone to come out,” Law-Gotich said.

There were brightly-colored signs placed around various campus buildings last week to promote the event as well as a blurb in the Student Announcements email the students receive from UWO.

Senior Marisa Wegener said knowing the event is happening in advance makes her want to attend it.

“I definitely think the event has been promoted well, and I think that Disney is really popular among students here so it sounds like it’ll be a fun time to get to have a whole Disney themed event,” Wegener said UWOSH-CON might include Disney in the spring Law-Gotich said.

“It is a miniature comic-con event that will have games, crafts, and food based on a variety of TV shows and movies,” Law-Gotich said.

If you are in need of a study break and want to enjoy Disney goodness, come to the crafting session this Thursday. in the Reeve Ballroom.