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Students talk sex over ice cream

Sexual education at UW Oshkosh was enriched on Thursday, Sept. 28 with the peer-led discussion session titled Sex and Sundaes.

Four speakers presented attendees with information regarding STIs, birth control and sexual boundaries. The program also placed an emphasis on safe sex and the necessity of consent, C.A.R.E student intern and presenter Shandi Jaz said.

“Consent must be enthusiastic and continually given,” Jaz said. “Safe sex is great sex.”

UWO Campus Victim Advocate Stephanie Kitzerow said to take care and pay attention to body language when engaging in sexual acts.

“If the other person is clearly not into it, that’s an obvious sign that you shouldn’t continue,” Kitzerow said. “Consent must be freely given. If you are being pressured into agreeing to sex, that’s not consent either; that’s coercion.”

Health Advocate and presenter Colten Cashmore said it is important to be able to talk openly to sexual partners about consent as well as topics such as birth control and STIs.

“Depending on personal preferences, birth control methods include condoms, the pill and an IUD,” Cashmore said. “Your lifestyle and body type typically dictate which method is best for you. More information about birth control options is always available in the Student Health Center.”

Health Advocate and presenter Kelly Alfonso said emergency contraception is also an option if an accident occurs.

“Emergency contraceptive must be used every time after having unprotected sex,” Alfonso said.

Kitzerow said there can be a real stigma against STIs and that these stigmas may prevent someone from getting their annual testing done.

“STIs are actually extremely common and should be openly discussed with all sexual partners,” said Kitzerow.

In a supplemental video by Planned Parenthood shown at the program, this point was reiterated.

Alfonso said while the Student Health Center and Campus Health Advocates are great resources for students that have sexual health questions or concerns, Sex and Sundaes was also enhanced with the inclusion of other resources outside of campus.

“The American Sexual Health Association, and Planned Parenthood are all reliable places to get more information about sexual health,” Alfonso said.

Jaz said on top of information about common sex-related topics, Sex and Sundaes also attempted to appeal to the greater student population offering free sundaes while listening and participating in the presentation.

“We wanted to present the program as a sort of ice cream social so students feel welcome to engage in the discussion,” Jaz said. “Sexual health should be an approachable and normalized topic.”

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