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Independent Student Newspaper of UW Oshkosh Campuses

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Independent Student Newspaper of UW Oshkosh Campuses

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UWO student profits from hemp

“UWO student Troy Winkelman posted flyers around campus discussing the sale of cannabis-based and hemp products along with a job opportunity for UWO students to make money selling the products.

Co-founder of eFinity Vape LLC Winkelman said he has major goals he wants to accomplish with his company.

Winkelman also said his products would be a great tool to help stop smoking cigarettes, which is the main mission of eFinity Vape.

According to Winkelman, CBD, an ingredient in cannabis, and hemp will help fight off the urge to smoke.

Winkelman said there are many other uses for his products, none of which include getting high.

Winkelman said, “[Customers] cannot get high off of CBD, [they] just experience health benefits from it, such as decreased anxiety and nausea.”

Cooper Schmidt, a criminal justice major, said he thought the idea of selling cannabis on campus and encouraging the use of it wasn’t necessarily the right idea so far.

“There just isn’t enough evidence to support the idea that these products can have the positive effects that seem to be so popular right now,” Schmidt said.
University Police Chief Joseph LeMire declinded to comment.

Winkelman said every product eFinity Vape sells is 100 percent legal under federal guidelines. He also said despite supporting the use of cannabis, both he and his company do not support the use of illegal drugs.

“We also do not condone illegal activity, such as smoking marijuana,” Winkelman said. “In fact, I’d rather have someone use our legal products than do something illegal and get charged with a drug crime.”

CBD/hemp products are something that has been controversial for a long time. Winkelman said he expected there to be people who didn’t understand.

“We have received some backlash from people who are very reactionary about anything to do with CBD or hemp, and think it’s the same as marijuana,” Winkelman said.
UWO freshman Bryan Putnam said he didn’t understand why there was a debate over the sale of CBD/hemp products.

“I don’t see why people shouldn’t be able to use them,” Putnam said. “There is a big difference between cannabis, or hemp, and THC.”

According to Putnam, he is OK with the use of these products but is not a big fan of using the vapes inside the dormitory.

“I know the smoke is not bad for me, but I do not like the smoke that comes from them,” Putnam said. “It fills up the entire hallway and becomes irritating.”

Winkelman said eFinity Vape has its own personalized patent for sampling its products.

According to Winkelman, since the development of their product and the securing of their patent, they have received calls with the hopes of buying both their product and their company.

Winkelman said he and his unnamed co-founder have both agreed not to sell their company, as they don’t think this will follow the ideals of their company.

“These companies would move the manufacturing of our products to Asia, and we are committed to keeping the products we sell made in America,” Winkelman said.

Winkelman said it was important to try and offer jobs for students across the country and even in Oshkosh.

Schmidt said he is still hesitant but appreciated the fact Winkelman wanted to keep jobs local.

“Though I am still nervous about encouraging the smoking or use of any of these sort of products, I like the idea of keeping things made in American and the jobs local,” Schmidt said.

Winkelman said eFinity Vape was not the only company selling these products. He said there is also a company in Oshkosh that has been selling them for some time.
“You can also visit Satori Imports on Main Street for hemp and cannabis-based products,” Winkelman said.

Winkelman said he plans to expand his company through Kickstarter to raise some additional capital for his newly-founded company.”

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