Students order food via new app

Kevin Berger

University Dining services integrated the online ordering app Tapingo into its services to UWO on Monday, April 6. Tapingo allows students to place orders for pickup at several dining locations and pay using credit card, PayPal and Titan Dollars. Assistant Director for Business and Retail at Reeve Memorial Union Matt Suwalski has been working to implement the new online ordering system. Suwalski said working with a hosted service like Tapingo was attractive for the University because there was less risk compared to hiring someone to develop their own online ordering capabilities. According to Suwalski, there are no upfront costs for the University. Tapingo charges the same 4 percent fees to process payments no matter how much it is used. Suwalski said prices would remain the same for students, and the fee will be paid by University Dining services. “We get to take advantage of their expertise, and it’s still worth it to us even if only 10 students use it,” Suwalski said. Former Sodexo employee and current Oshkosh Student Association Sen. Katrina Schiedemeyer said she is concerned about Tapingo orders compounding the problem of a lack of space for food preparation and storage. “Behind Sub Connections there is only room for two, possibly three, employees to efficiently work,” Schiedemeyer said. “Most of the other places such as Garden Toss and Titan Taco also are limited in the amount of space for the prep. The salads must be kept cold, and there is no extra freezer space available for the completed food.” Suwalkski said moving some food orders online could benefit dining staff by alleviating long lines and stretching out wait times during the busiest times of day. “Our target is 100 Tapingo orders [a day] across campus” Suwalski said. “If it grew beyond that, then we may have to reevaluate.” Danessa Estupinan from the Tapingo marketing team was on hand Tuesday afternoon at Scotty’s handing out cards and talking to students waiting in line. “Everything is running smoothly,” Estupinan said. “The staff was fully trained by [Tapingo] operations, who were out here a few weeks ago.” Estupinan said by Tuesday, April 7, 160 students had registered accounts with Tapingo,and 20 orders had been processed.