Blood drive to come to UWO

UW Oshkosh students can help save lives on Sept. 22 at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center by donating blood at the American Red Cross Blood Drive According to the American Red Cross website, every two seconds a person in the United States needs blood. “The blood type most often requested by hospitals is type O,” the American Red Cross website stated. Blood Service Chair of the American Red Cross Club Brenna Schobert said for each donation given, three lives are saved. “You may not know someone who needs blood right now, but some day you may,” Schobert said. “This donation is a chance to be an everyday hero.” According to Schobert, the American Red Cross Club sets up these drives because they know it helps the Oshkosh community. “Our club sets up these drives in order to impact our community in a positive way,” Schobert said. “We work hard in all aspects of our club to make a difference in the Fox Valley community.” Gao Hnou Chang, a junior human resources management major at UWO, is aware of the blood drive happening on campus, but has not donated blood before. “I guess I would [donate blood], but I’m really scared of needles, so I think that’s one of the problems,” Chang said. Chang said she has a friend who encourages her to donate blood so they can help save lives, while helping Chang get over her fear of needles. “I look at her, and she has that bravery in her,” Chang said. UWO Junior Matt Hutchings said he’s seen the blood donating truck at UWO, but has only donated plasma before. “I would donate [at UWO],” Hutchings said. “I’ve always had a phobia of needles though but I guess that didn’t stop me.” Hutchings said he questions the benefits of donating blood. “I would always question how much good does it actually do, how much people would benefit, and why can’t I donate more cause it has association with your weight,” Hutchings said.