Queer game show welcomes all

Hilary Shandonay

Queer Game Show
[/media-credit] Host and Program Coordinator Matthew Reinhardt quizzes UW Oshkosh student AJ Wetterau at the Queer game show.Host and Program Coordinator Matthew Reinhardt quizzes UW Oshkosh student AJ Wetterau at the Queer game show.

UW Oshkosh LGBTQ Resource Center hosted the Queer Game Show: Hollywood Squares on Wednesday Oct. 28 in the Reeve Memorial Union Theater. “Students compete against faculty and staff in this classic game show with a queer twist,” An LGBTQ Resource Center pamphlet stated. Host and Program Coordinator Matthew Reinhardt said this event is an opportunity for staff and students to interact in a more relaxed and casual way and still sneak in some education. “This is something we do each year,” Reinhardt said. “So what we do is we take a game show, we did jeopardy last year, and we give it a queer twist.” Dressing like a game show host from the 70s, Reinhardt said his name for the show is Guy Smiley. “I’m growing out my facial hair so I’m going to trim all of this and just have a mustache so I can kind of have my best Alex Trebek look,” Reinhardt said. UWO senior Morgan Ansems said she is thankful the University has such a strong support system for LGBTQA students. “Going to the game show taught me a lot of things I didn’t know about the LGBTQA community,” Ansems said. “I had no idea that countries like Iran and Nigeria can give the death penalty to people for being gay. How is that even possible?” Ansems said she has never been to a LGBTQA event but said she will be going to more in the future because all the students and staff are welcoming. “Even though I don’t identify with the LGBTQA community, I want to go to these events, so I can learn more about them and support the people who do identify with the community,” Ansems said. Ansems said making all students feel welcome on campus is something the University needs to keep promoting. “I also love that UWO has gender-neutral bathrooms, so people don’t feel uncomfortable about having to go into a certain one,” Ansems said. “I learned in sociology that there’s a significant portion of the population who do not feel safe using public restrooms.” UWO junior Devin Matznick said she has been going to this event for years. “[The events] are always really interesting,” Matznick said. “It’s a mix of learning and humor; it’s fun learning.” Matznick said she encourages students to come to the events because they’re enjoyable, and anyone is welcome. “They can come no matter who they are,” Matznick said. “Anyone can come regardless of identity. We welcome everyone and anyone respectful.”