Titan TV, WRST attend national CBI conference

Alex Deehring

UW Oshkosh’s Titan TV and WRST-FM worked along side other colleges nationwide on improving their programming at the College Broadcasters Inc. National Student Electronic Media Convention in Minneapolis this past weekend. The convention was a mix between an award banquet and student-led presentations on various subjects pertaining to electronic media. UWO students Reegan Wallander and Char Cocchiola presented “Promoting your TV Station and Its Content.” It focused on promotion of programs, station branding, working with producers and the use of social media. Wallander said it was exciting to be speaking at a large conference. “It’s an honor to present at a national conference and have students from around the nation interested in hearing what I have to say,” Wallander said. The two emphasized how to use social media on different levels, show versus station and the importance and enforcement of a social media code of conduct. Wallander said she was surprised by the outcome of her presentation. “The presentation went better than I could have imagined, and we had a lot of students ask us really good questions,” Wallander said. Titan TV station manager Adam Steinbach said another emphasis of the convention was comparing different college stations nationwide on what they were doing well and what they could work on. Among the colleges looking at each other’s work was UWO and Ithaca College in New York. “We have a partnership with a college out in Ithaca and they are a big communications school,” said Steinbach. “They were really impressed and applauding what we are doing here on a much smaller scale than them.” Steinbach said, in the past, UWO and Ithaca, have shared each other’s content between the stations, in an effort to recognize the two stations’ achievements. They do not plan to end that partnership anytime soon. “We are talking about [sharing content] again or collaborating in another way,” Steinbach said. Titan TV was nominated for two awards: best general entertainment program and best comedy, but were unable to get first place in either category. “We were finalist for two, which meant we made it to the top three,” Steinbach said. “Once we got to the top three, we at least got third place, but I don’t know where it fell from there, whether it was second or third.” Steinbach said Titan TV wasn’t at the convention just for the awards. “It’s a learning opportunity,” said Steinbach. “So for a lot of the members, it’s not just going and picking up some awards or going to the city and running around. We spend three solid days learning and hearing from other students and industry professionals.” Steinbach said there were professionals from their field at the convention, including the animator for Target. “It’s a good opportunity for us to get first-class industry experience and network,” Steinbach said. Steinbach said Titan TV is planning on putting out as much programming as they can for their viewers. “The sports department is working hard to cover the regular schedule,” Steinbach said. “We will go into playoff coverage for football and women’s soccer for sure. That’s going to be a big thing for us. We also are in full production mode for our other shows.” Steinbach said Titan TV is always looking for new members. All majors can join, and no experience is needed. “We have people from news stations who come and help out, and others who have never touched a camera,” Steinbach said. “By the end of it, you are able to do things that you haven’t done before.”