OSA plans Titan Discount expansion

Colton Shearier

[media-credit name=”Graphic by Jessica Zemlicka” align=”alignleft” width=”261″]TitanDiscount[/media-credit]

Students, alumni, faculty and staff are eligible for discounts at local, national and online businesses through the Titan Discounts Club. According to the Oshkosh Student Association’s website, UWO community members may receive discounts and deals by presenting their Titan ID at more than 30 participating businesses including Banana Republic, Cherry Berry, IHOP, Marcus Theatres and many others. Freshmen Colton Schlotman said with the discounts, eating off campus becomes a great alternative to the school’s menu. “Money is always tight being a college student so price cuts are pretty nice, especially when you want to go out to eat or whatnot and you don’t want to have to deal with the [University]’s food,” Schlotman said. The Titan Discount Club webpage lists food deals from 10 to 25 percent discounts and special deals only available to Titan ID holders. OSA Vice President Graham Sparks said getting discounts for students is one of the many roles OSA plays on campus. “We, as the student government, take our ability as the official voice of the student body to contact local businesses in hoping to establish some sort of student discount,” Sparks said. Many online retailers such as Barnes and Noble, Bed Bath & Beyond, FedEx and Man Crates also offer deals to students, according to the club’s webpage. According to Sparks, OSA saw a way to make both students and businesses benefit from discounts. “Students have their cars and like going out and having some fun,” Sparks said. “We realized that students going to these businesses are already pressed for money and we got to try and work to see if businesses would like to get more student traffic.” Foreign exchange student Raquel Guimarães said she would be more inclined to go to the businesses that participate in the program for the discounts. “It’s something that I can use,” Guimarães said. “I mean, it’s a benefit I have so I should use it, right?” Sparks said with the high cost for school, students are looking for ways to pay less when going out. “Education is already pretty expensive,” Sparks said. “Obviously, students don’t want to be spending that much.” Guimarães said she believes the discounts will bring more business from the campus community. “I think it will attract more students, just like me, if you give them discounts,” Guimarães said. “They are more inclined to go because it’s something special they can have.” According to Sparks, OSA is always trying to expand the amount of businesses that participate in the program. When it comes to the plan to expand the program, Sparks said they have given the plan over to their marketing committee. “As of now we haven’t thought of a plan,” Sparks said. “We do have a marketing director and marketing team not set up so now its up to them to start that campaign.” Sparks said they hope to see student voices be a part of the campaign. “In the campaign we are looking for them to ask student’s what business they would like to get a discount at,” Sparks said. “Really it’s all about letting the students know we have this program.”