UWO Millennials discuss current issues

Colton Shearier

The Millennials Club is an organization on campus devoted to sharing ideas on current issues in a relaxed environment. According to president and founder Eric Millburn, the club is a place where all people can come to talk and feel safe. “It’s providing an environment that is prejudice-free that you can come and talk about whatever is on your mind,” Millburn said. Club adviser Anthony Palmeri said the club is meant for people to educate each other about current issues and think about possible solutions. “The Millennials Club is attempting to create a space for young people to learn about critical problems facing our community and world, and maybe find ways to solve those problems,” Palmeri said. Past topics up for discussion have included concealed carry on campus, ISIS, religion, and immigration. Club member Aidan Fraser said exchanging opinions is his favorite part of the club, and it makes people more informed. “I think changing your opinion because of someone else makes you a better person because your mind is not just your mind, it’s everybody’s mind and that is the best part about this club and that’s why I keep coming back,” Fraser said. Palmeri said the club is a great place to continue learning outside of class. “I do believe that the sharing of ideas is at the heart of a liberal arts education, and should be done inside and outside the classroom,” Palmeri said. “The Millennials Club is providing a great service by creating a space for sharing ideas outside the classroom.” Club Vice President Lyle Plueddeman said the conversations held in the club are more creatively satisfying than classroom work and make her think intensely. “There is creative freedom in [the classroom], but not as much as just being in here and immersing yourself in all this different stuff,” she said. “I always walk out with my brain on fire.” Palmeri said he got involved with the club because it’s a great resource for helping students develop skills for being involved in their community. “Organizations like the Millennials Club can play a critical role in helping students learn how to practice civic engagement,” Palmeri said. “I agreed to be the club adviser because I believe strongly in the campus’ civic engagement mission and I think that organizations like the Millennial Club help us to meet the goals of that mission.” Millburn said future plans for the club include more community outreach. He said he has been contacted by a national organizer about hosting a “Teach-In,” which could possibly be a rally or debate held in April.