What you missed

New police chief starts journey UW Oshkosh named Kurt Leibold its new police chief on Dec. 16, 2015, and he officially began the position Feb. 1. Leibold worked in Milwaukee as the assistant chief of police and was the longest-serving police official of the five candidates applying for chief. “I have 26 years of experience and I feel like a rookie again with how much I’m learning here,” Leibold said. According to a Dec. 2 article from the Advance-Titan, Leibold said he plans to work with students and University Police to make UP the best in the nation for a school of UWO’s size. “I believe in community policing, which is building relationships,” Leibold said. “It was something LeMire had done, but I’m looking to continue it.” Former UWO Police Chief Joe LeMire worked as the UWO chief since 2011. He was appointed the police chief at UW- Milwaukee this past July. The University said in a statement it is looking forward to Leibold’s collaborative nature and his commitment to diversity. “I am delighted that Kurt is joining our campus community and university police,” Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Petra Roter said. “He brings to the table a wide range of policing and law enforcement experiences and skills. Most impressive is his experience and foundation in community policing.” So far, Leibold has taken time to learn the culture of the department and University, as well as introduce himself around campus. “I’ll be doing one-on-ones with officers in the department to see what’s going on for about a month, absorbing as much information as possible,” Leibold said. “I’m looking forward to working with UWO. It’s a different take on law enforcement where I can hone in all of my skills.” Arson investigation continues UW Oshkosh University Police is continuing its investigation of the two arson cases from Dec. 2015 in Fletcher Hall, according to UP Lieutenant Tarmann. “We are actively working on this investigation,” Tarmann said. Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Petra Roter said the University is making progress as the investigation is active and ongoing. UP and the Oshkosh City Fire Department responded as a chair was set on fire in Fletcher Hall on Dec. 7. This was the second arson case in less than 48 hours at Fletcher Hall. According to Vice Chancellor Jamie Ceman, the University does not have any updates to provide the campus community. “We do not have updates at this time,” Ceman said. Tarmann and Ceman said updates will be sent out to the campus community as they become available. “I should have an update on this investigation soon,” Tarmann said. Roter said updates could become available as early as later this week. According to a press release sent out from the University, no one was hurt as a result of either arson, but the UP is offering a $500 reward to anyone that can point them to a source. Former UWO student found guilty Former UW Oshkosh football player Dexter Charles was found guilty on Dec. 16 of a homicide-by-death count from the 2014 heroin overdose of 22-year-old DeAnna Lake. Charles was a defensive linemen for the UWO Titans football team. He held the second-most sacks on the team in 2013, totaling 25 tackles. Charles only played 10 games for the Titans. According to the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access website, Charles was found guilty of possession of THC with an intent to sell on June 1, 2012, just two years prior to the heroin charges. Within those two years, he was also found guilty of theft, resisting arrest and operating while intoxicated. In an Advance-Titan article from March 18, Lake was found on May 14, 2012 locked in her bedroom, face down in her bed. Officers searched the room and found a purse on the floor containing a needle, spoon and heroin. According to The Oshkosh Northwestern, the first-degree reckless homicide charge the jury found Charles guilty of carries a 46-year maximum sentence. Charles will be sentenced Feb. 25, 2016.