SVA helps student veterans adapt

Stephanie Stradel

UW Oshkosh student and Student Veterans of America president Aaron Kloss said he is preparing for an exciting semester for the UWO SVA. According to Kloss, SVA is an organization helping veterans make the transition from active duty to higher education with the goal of assisting veterans in any way possible. “It’s very tricky stuff, balancing it all,” Kloss said. “It’s doable, but planning is absolutely critical.” Kloss said he joined SVA in the spring of 2013 while pursuing his bachelor’s in Social Work and continuing his National Guard service. He said he was curious about what the organization had to offer and the impact it had on the community, but struggled with being different from his classmates. “The biggest struggle was being older than traditional students and having a family,” Kloss said. According to Kloss, the SVA has partnered with several organizations on-and off-campus, including the UWO Women’s Center and the Boys and Girls Club. “I think SVA is beneficial for not only student veterans, but for the campus and community as well,” Kloss said. According to a campus-wide email sent on Monday Feb. 22, to further the relationship between student veterans, UWO and the Oshkosh community, the SVA is holding a community game night March 3 in the Reeve Memorial Union Ballroom from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. The SVA is also holding a Penny War in the Veteran Resource Center in Dempsey Hall this week with additional jars in Reeve Memorial Union on Tuesday and Thursday, the email stated. Kloss said his biggest accomplishments as SVA president are being approached by other organizations and being an important part of campus. “It’s a great feeling, being a part of something bigger than yourself,” Kloss said.