Reeve Rebuild Underway

Haley Lentz

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Reeve Memorial Union, like many of the other buildings on campus, is currently under construction.
The construction, which was decided by a student vote back in 2012, started this past summer. Currently, the main Algoma entrance is closed to the public and is in the first few stages of deconstruction, Director of Reeve Memorial Union Randy Hedge said.
“The building is in the deconstruction phase of removing the old infrastructure, as well as asbestos removal,” Hedge said. “We are also preparing the site for excavation some time within the next month or so. Once that is complete, footings will be poured, and steel will be erected for the new space.”
Hedge said the construction will be a complete transformation and will include 21,000 square feet in renovated space and 7,000 square feet in new space.
“The project has several key objectives: create a more welcoming and accessible front entrance; enhance the Student Leadership and Involvement area doubling in size; a new passenger elevator; the addition of a lactation room and [a] gender neutral bathroom; replace windows in the old part of the building; enhance and create a new meeting space,” Hedge said.
Hedge said it was too early to determine if the construction was going to be done on time and on budget, and the asbestos found within has not affected the process.
“It has not interfered with the progress of the project significantly,” Hedge said. “The removal company is successfully and safely removing any and all asbestos from the building.”
President of Reeve Union Board Jessica Fedie said the construction will bring students together and will benefit the campus community.
“I think the main highlight will be the new [Student Leadership & Involvement Center],” Fedie said. “It’ll be a lot more open and have a fun atmosphere and I think students will really enjoy being there.”
Fedie said she hopes the construction of the new SLIC, which will have more rooms to hold meetings, will make students want to join more student organizations.
Fedie said after the renovations Reeve Union will be more inclusive than ever before.
“I think the construction will really help with bringing everyone together,” Fedie said. “More organizations will be able to meet in the SLIC and so there will be interactions between groups that normally might not work together, and I think that will be really cool to see.”
Sophomore Sierra Skindzelewski said although the construction is messy, it will be beneficial for students in the long run.
“It’s inconvenient now since one of the entrances is under construction but I think that the new renovations will give the campus a fresh look,” Skindzelewski said. “It’s something the student body will really appreciate.”
When informed about the new features in Reeve Union, Skindzelewski said she believes it will benefit the campus community.
“It will make students and [a] large range of people feel like they are in a safe and comfortable environment,” Skindzelewski said. “It’s a really big step forward for the campus as a whole.”