UWO Be The Match club helps students register

Laura Dickinson

The Be The Match Club helped register UW Oshkosh students for Be The Match to help those who have bone marrow disorders in the Reeve Union Concourse Tuesday and Wednesday.

UWO Be The Match Vice President Andrew Simek said the amount of people registering for the organization had been very successful.

“We have been doing pretty great this year even with all the construction that has been going on with Reeve Memorial Union,” Simek said. “I believe we had 70 people sign up on Tuesday and about 40 people so far today, which is very awesome.”

UWO Be The Match President Sydney Langmann said the student response this year has been very rewarding.

“It’s been an amazing turnout this year, even with obstacles like the Reeve construction,” Langmann said. “We have seen a lot of students coming and signing up, and with Brett Kasper’s donation story and we have seen the football team volunteering and signing up and having their friends sign up this year.”

The goal of Be The Match is to help get as many people to sign up to be on the registry to help people who have blood-related cancers like leukemia and lymphoma, Langmann said.

Langmann said the best part of working year after year for Be The Match is the people she has met through volunteering.

“I have already had people come up to me saying that one of their family members has needed a bone marrow transplant and they themselves want to donate,” Langmann said. “I have also met so many volunteers interested in learning more about this experience just from working at this drive. The support surrounding this group is simply awesome.”

Simek said the volunteers that help run the event are from different organizations on campus.

“We have people from Titan Volunteers helping us out along with nursing program people trying to get their volunteer hours in,” Simek said. “It’s cool to see people from different organizations coming together to help out Be The Match.”

UWO sophomore and part of Alpha Lambda Delta Lindsey Loniello said she has volunteered for Be The Match before.

“I always like helping out at this event, it is a great organization,” Loniello said. “I love interacting with the campus community, and I always feel better volunteering.”
Loniello said she registered to Be The Match last year and that the experience of registering is surreal.

“It’s great to know that I could help be the match for someone out there who really could need a bone marrow transplant,” Loniello said.

Simek said being a part of working with Be The Match has been a rewarding and exciting experience.

“I started volunteering with Be The Match my sophomore year, and I have registered and signed up myself,” Simek said. “I even have ended up donating myself.”

Langmann said she encourages anyone who wants to learn more and help out to contact UWO’s Be The Match organization at .

“It’s a very rewarding experience whether you are registering or helping volunteer,” Langmann said. “The support within this group is truly amazing.”