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Greek Life: Many Truths, No Lies

Mariah Heyden

February 9, 2017

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While recently scrolling down my timelines on social media, I saw video after video of sorority chapters clapping, chanting and screaming trying to get new members to join for upcoming recruitment. Quite often the caption...

A-T editor gets lit at national championship

Morgan Van Lanen

February 9, 2017

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As a female pursuing a degree in sports journalism, I constantly think about how skewed the ratio of women to men is in this field. It is obvious in the world of sports today that the number of men journalists dominates the number...

Sports need new mascots

November 3, 2016

Choose to cut the ties with your social media applications

Katherine Baird

October 20, 2016

Filed under Columnist, Opinion

There are five minutes until class starts and you could either engage in a conversation with your fellow classmates, or you could check whatever message just popped up on your phone. Most often, students choose the latter. Smartphones...

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