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Independent Student Newspaper of UW Oshkosh Campuses

The Advance-Titan

Independent Student Newspaper of UW Oshkosh Campuses

The Advance-Titan

Tips to survive online classes

Tips to survive online classes

Jessica Rosga, Columnist April 4, 2020

The week before spring break the world around us changed drastically. Businesses were closed, traveling was prohibited, social distancing was implemented and our way of learning has changed. With face...

Why arent young people voting?

Why aren’t young people voting?

Owen Peterson, Columnist April 1, 2020

Youth voter turnout during the 2020 Democratic primaries so far has been disappointing to say the least. Even as the overall voter count continues to rise, the youth vote is faltering. Nearly every...

‘All the President’s Men’ emphasizes realism over thrill

Nolan Fullington, Columnist April 1, 2020

“All the President’s Men” is a 1976 political “thriller” based on true events that is said to be the most factually accurate film ever made. The creative driving force of this film’s conception...

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’: a relevant look at American politics

Nolan Fullington, Columnist April 1, 2020

“Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” is a suit-and-courtroom film from 1939, directed by the great Frank Capra and stars none other than a young and energetic James Stewart alongside the steady and practiced...

Residence hall evacuations warrant refunds

Sophia Voight, Opinion Editor March 18, 2020

As all classes have been moved online and students have evacuated campus due to the coronavirus outbreak, students are losing out on the resources and amenities they paid for. Chancellor Andrew Leavitt...

Film leaves eyes ‘Bloodshot’

Nolan Fullington, Columnist March 18, 2020

“Bloodshot” is Sony’s latest pathetic attempt at jump-starting a new cinematic universe. Originally, the film was to feature Jared Leto in the lead role, but we somehow ended up with Vin Diesel,...

Little Debbie vs. Hostess

Carter Uslabar, Editor in Chief March 18, 2020

If America had a backbone, it would be made out of individually packaged cake snacks. Unless you grew up in a household where some self-righteous figure regularly lapsed into refrains of “I’m not...

How to reduce stress during midterms

Jessica Rosga, Columnist March 11, 2020

As college students, it’s easy to become overwhelmed in just a matter of minutes. Going to class at sporadic hours of the day, working in between while managing other extracurricular activities can take...

Pixar’s ‘Onward’ an emotional masterpiece

Nolan Fullington, Columnist March 11, 2020

“Onward” is the latest film from the garlanded Pixar. Though many have awaited this tear-jerker since its initial trailer, the main conversation of recent has been around its openly gay character,...

Graphic by Tatum Spevacek

Will a woman ever be president?

Sophia Voight, Opinion Editor March 11, 2020

With the results of Super Tuesday causing Elizabeth Warren to suspend her presidential campaign, two men are left as the Democratic front-runners. Now the question is raised: will the United States...

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