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Remake terrifies audience

March 4, 2020

“The Invisible Man” (2020) is the Blumhouse-Universal co-produced remake of The Invisible Man. After several embarrassing attempts at doing something with the original universal Monster movies, universal...

Cult Classic ahead of its time

March 4, 2020

Dr. Griffin has made a scientific breakthrough when he turns himself invisible. However, with great power comes great financial and personal gain when Griffin decides to sell his invisibility potion to...

Pinocchi-oh my God, my ears are bleeding

Graphic by Carter Uslabar
March 4, 2020

Welcome to my review of UWO-Fox Cities’ production of “Shrek” the musical. The show was spectacular, by which I mean it resembled a spectacle. From my perch in the balcony, behind a bald man with...

Best and worst of university dining

Blackhawk Xpress offers better quality food than it’s less favorable neighbor Blackhawk Commons.
March 4, 2020

UW Oshkosh hosts a wide variety of places to eat for its students, which naturally begs the question: what are the best and worst places to eat on campus? In an attempt to answer this question,...

Tips and tricks: living off campus

Tips and tricks: living off campus
February 26, 2020

While deciding whether to live off campus, some of the most pertinent things that come to mind are how much freedom awaits and the possibility of cheaper living costs compared to campus. Before...

Speaking out about sexual assault

Graphic by Susan Lor
February 26, 2020

Allegations of sexual assault are often met with scrutiny when victims come forward with their traumatic experiences. Women who have been sexually assaulted often withhold reporting their attacks for...

Grocery Bingo mocks food insecurity

Carter Uslabar /Advance Titan
February 26, 2020

UW Oshkosh hosted its very own Hunger Games last Sunday with bingo games in which participants could win groceries as prizes. Grocery Bingo offered students an entertaining way to win some free snacks...

Clash Burger outshines Reeve Grill

February 20, 2020

Last week, Clash Burger, the successor to Reeve Grill, celebrated its opening week in Reeve Memorial Union. After a week of giveaways and sampling at Clash Burger, it has emerged as one of the more solid...

Dungeons & Dragons provides anxiety relief

Dungeons & Dragons helps players relieve stress and anxiety.
February 19, 2020

If three years ago you told me I would be into Dungeons & Dragons, I wouldn’t have believed you. When I was younger, I saw it as the peak of being a nerd and not the trendy kind. I associated it...

University vs. community college: my experience

February 19, 2020

UW Oshkosh’s three campuses offer students the option of a two-year or four-year college experience, and as someone who has experience with both types of colleges, they both have their own unique benefits...

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