Volleyball brothers set standards at Oshkosh

Brady Van Deurzen

The UW Oshkosh men’s volleyball team has won back-to-back National Championships in 2014 and 2015. Senior Travis Hudson, junior Tony Mack and junior Sammy Pedersen have all won national championships together and now they welcome their freshmen siblings Devin Hudson, Joey Mack and Matt Pederson. Titans volleyball head coach Brian Schaefer said sibling competition can create some hardships. “It is a double-edged sword for some of them,” Schaefer said. “There is a little pressure in looking up to a brother and wanting the same success as them, especially if those things are great things.” He said there are also some positives to having family members on the same team. “I think there are definitely some expectations of following in a brother’s footsteps,” Schaefer said. “But in terms of families being able to watch both players at the same time, and things like that, I think that it makes it much easier for the players, especially when they know they are going to a great program.” Travis Hudson said although there are three sets of brothers on the team, the squad as a whole feels like a family unit. Joey said he came into this season knowing he was going to fit in at UW Oshkosh, but he knew there were going to be fairly large expectations he would to need to meet. “I would say I feel more supported and closer to the program because I have an older brother that I can cheer on and look up to,” Joey said.